How does it work?

The Co-Innovation Builder is a tool to map out and leverage the collaboration between Startups and Corporates (basically, it can be used between all kind of organisations).

Watch the video to get an introduction to the different elements or check out our Co-Innovation Builder Guide with real business cases.

Where can I get this tool?

Here. The Co-Innovation Builder is available for free in different formats:

Here are some guiding questions to elaborate your Co-Innovation Builder (click to enlarge or download, they are also included in the templates):

Case Studies

Case 1 – Digital Signage Solution to Enhance a Customer Journey in Pharmacies

The first case is about a pharmacy group, HealthActiv, looking for digital solutions to attract new customers. A startup, DigiPharm, is specialized in digital signage within the healthcare sector and may provide them with a solution.

Click here to download the case description for case 1

Click here to download a sample solution for case 1

Case 2 – Social Networking Across the Supply Chain

The second case introduces a startup, Crowdglue, that provides a B2B digital platform for knowledge sharing concentrating on the manufacturing ecosystem. The startup is collaborating with a corporate, Technoli, which provides them with a wide variety of computer software.

Click here to download the case description for case 2

Click here to download a sample solution for case 2

If you search for further examples and want to practice, you can work on these cases and send us your solution (and we will upload them with your credentials if you want):

Can you support us to apply the tool in our specific context?

We are open to host dedicated webinars or consult you and your potential business partners when applying the Co-Innovation Builder to your specific collaboration. We are doing this for free for non-profit initiatives, such as we have done a live webinar for the EUvsCrisis Hackathon. Get in touch, and we explore what we can do.

How can I become a co-creator?

The Co-Innovation Builder is a Co-Innovation by itself. This is version 1.0 and we would be happy to get your feedback to further improve for the next version.

In addition, our users have created a LinkedIn Community to exchange experiences when working with the Co-Innovation Builder.

Additional reading

If you want to learn more about the ideas behind the development of the Co-Innovation Builder tool, please have a look at an article written by two of the creators of the tool Adèle Yaroulina and Johanna Koskinen.

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