Toolbox: The Co-Innovation Builder

Are you a manager in a corporate company interested in getting more knowledge about identifying and launching successful collaborations with the most innovative start-ups?

Are you an entrepreneur looking for exciting partners with experience, resources and market access?

Are you a student interested in founding a business or working as an innovation manager in a corporate company?

There is so much potential in the collaboration between Start-ups and Corporates, but misunderstandings may arise between passionate entrepreneurs and more procedure-oriented established corporations.

The Corporate Entrepreneurship Toolbox will provide GUIDELINES and TOOLS for Corporates, Start-ups and Students to establish and improve their collaboration. In its center will be the “Co-Innovaiton Builder”. The first prototype will be available in December 2019.

The corporate guidelines will be developed and organized along 5 frameworks:

  • Understand your own limits and opportunities to start engaging with startups at a level that you can handle
  • Get your organization ready
  • Identify your innovation partner
  • Qualify your innovation partner
  • Get to clear agreements before any implementation

Start-ups & student guidelines will be developed and organized within the following 5 frameworks:

  • How to approach corporations
  • How to assess the corporation’s potential from day 1
  • Get to clear agreements before any implementation
  • Manage corporate relationships & comply with their process
  • Keep track of time – be aware whether you’re on track, should pivot or should stop the bleeding

The guidelines will be complemented with a practical selection of popular, but also less-known, self-developed, hands-on entrepreneurial tools.

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