MicroCredential: The Co-Innovation MasterClass

What is the Co-Innovation MasterClass?

The Co-Innovation MasterClass is a unique co-innovation program connecting actors from startups, corporates, and universities. In this innovation journey, 30 participants from all over Europe with different backgrounds come together to solve complex problems related to European cities in order to make them better places to live.

For whom is the program?

  • For anyone who wants to learn how to collaborate in an action-based, practice-oriented program. 
  • For hands-on problem-solvers, creative world-changers, and empathetic innovators. 
  • For startup entrepreneurs willing to test their ability to effectively collaborate with corporates.
  • For corporation managers who are looking for new ways to innovate with startups. 
  • For students who are eager to learn through solving complex problems in practice.
  • And last, but not least, for those who are seeking opportunities for networking, fishing out talents and potential cooperators. 

What is the challenge?

The main challenge to be tackled is “How to make European cities more livable?”

Major European cities face overpopulation and uncontrolled growth. This gives rise to challenges like sustainability, mobility, clean environment, citizen participation, aging population, and many others. Innovative solutions can help their inhabitants to live a better life and make cities more liveable.

During the MasterClass, you will work on tackling these problems within a team of diverse backgrounds. Each team will have the freedom to choose their own challenge within the main theme.

When does the MasterClass take place?

The program will take place between April to June 2021.

The MasterClass starts with a 2-day face-to-face kick-off meeting in Potsdam, Germany. The meeting is followed by a 2-month online phase. Then participants meet again in Krakow, Poland for a 2-day final conference and a pitch in front of an external expert jury.

What are the requirements?

This course is an advanced program. You need to have the “Co-Innovation Journey for Startups and Corporates” MOOC completed before attending this course. The MOOC starts on April 22, 2020, where you can apply for the MasterClass.

Experienced corporate managers and entrepreneurs (at least 3 years of work experience) can take the fast track of the MOOC. 

… and get reminded when the MOOC starts!

What will you learn?

During the MasterClass, you will learn how to identify relevant challenges and tools to solve them. You will also learn how to apply Design Thinking for solving complex problems. In addition, you will build an extensive European wide network and learn how to work in a team consisting of eager startup founders, experienced managers, and bright-minded students.

You won’t have to learn alone; experienced coaches will guide your team through the program.

What are the costs?

In the first round, the MasterClass is free of charge.

Will I get any certificate?

You will gain a graded certificate for the recognition by your organization. For university recognition, we recommend 6 ECTS.

Change the world with us!

More information about the application for this program will be provided in spring 2020 during the MOOC. Stay tuned and see you there!

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