MicroCredential: The Co-Innovation MasterClass

  • “The Co-Innovation MasterClass” is a unique 6-ECTS-MicroCredential course connecting actors from startups, corporates and universities to become Co-Innovation Facilitators.
  • The pilot MasterClass (moderated version by Corship team) took place between April – June 2021 with 42 learners.
  • The concept and training materials of the Co-Innovation MasterClass are still available for self-driven implementation by any external course provider. It is for free!
  • Please check out the Guidebook for Independent Providers of the Co-Innovation MasterClass for detailed information about how to set up a Co-Innovation MasterClass by yourself and contact us via corship2020@gmail.com to receive access to all course materials!

What is the Co-Innovation MasterClass?

The Co-Innovation MasterClass is a unique Co-Innovation program bringing together startups, corporates and students in an action-based, practice-oriented program. 

Co-Innovation is a hot topic right now, as demonstrated by the increasing number of startup/corporate collaborations and events. At the same time, Co-Innovation remains a difficult journey and often results in disappointment and failure.

Therefore, leading European Co-Innovation experts have teamed up to provide you with the latest insights and tools to make your Co-Innovation skills lead to success.

The MasterClass is designed in a way that learners will be coached for 8 weeks to address and solve complex challenges in diverse international teams.

The pilot MasterClass took place in a moderated version by the Corship Team between April – June 2021 with 42 learners, and was a huge success.  

The concept and training material of the Co-Innovation MasterClass is now still available for a self-driven implementation by any external course provider – for free! Details about how to set-up and implement a Co-Innovation MasterClass by yourself can be found in the Guidebook for Independent Providers of the Co-Innovation MasterClass. Access to all course materials for free download can be granted after e-mail request to corship2020@gmai.com.  

What’s in it for different target groups?

For Startups

Learn how working with corporates can accelerate your go-to-market approach. Discover how Co-Innovation with corporates can speed up your scaling.

In this MasterClass, you will:

  • Learn how to work with corporates – understand how corporates think and act and avoid the pitfalls of collaboration;
  • Work on a relevant challenge in a realistic setting; 
  • Network and work closely with corporates that want to collaborate with startups;
  • Be guided by top teams/academics;
  • Get trained to use actionable hands-on tools and processes.

For Corporates

Learn how working with startups can prove your innovation capacities. Discover how Co-Innovation with startups can speed up your go-to-market of innovative solutions.

In this MasterClass, you will:

  • Understand why collaboration should be a no-brainer for corporate business acceleration and innovation processes;
  • Learn in a realistic setting and become part of the solution of exciting and relevant challenges;
  • Learn how to work with startups – understand how startups think and act;
  • Be guided by top teams/academics;
  • Get access to use cases, hands-on tools and processes on how to make Co-Innovation happen on regular basis;
  • Network with carefully selected startups and experts from leading startup associations.

For Students

Learn the ins and outs of startup/corporate Co-Innovation. Discover how you can play an impactful role in this process benefiting both startups and corporates.

In this MasterClass, you will:

  • Learn how to organize the innovative process; 
  • Get to know the methodology for co-creating innovative solutions;
  • Work with professionals – corporates and startups on a co-innovative journey;
  • Be engaged in a diverse international environment;
  • Work in a realistic setting, solving relevant problems;  
  • Join a process guided by top experts and academics;
  • Experience a journey from the starting challenge to the pitching of a co-developed innovation.

What is the challenge that is addressed?

The MasterClass provides learners with a hands-on challenge to experience Co-Innovation first hand.

The pilot MasterClass was designed to address the challenge of making European cities more liveable. However, independent course providers are free to change the overall topic of the MasterClass according to their needs. 

Having European cities improvement as a starting point, learners will learn:

  • How to define a problem or a challenge from a given topic;
  • How to design and envision a Co-Innovation journey;
  • How to manage and be part of the solution development process.

Learners will acquire a range of skills relevant for co-innovating, creating and delivering innovation jointly. The Co-Innovation Builder, introduced in the Co-Innovation MOOC, will be the principal tool along with a range of teaching materials and methods (such as Design Thinking).

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