Research Insights

The Corship project featured a series of research insights in the intersection of new educational offers and corporate entrepreneurship.

Description: CORSHIP Result 1.1a analyzes 12 expert interviews to provide a current snapshot to different approaches how corporates and startups cooperate in Europe.

Description: CORSHIP Result 1.1b presents the outcomes of an extensive desk research and 10 expert interviews to get an overview to the current educational and training offer in Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Description: CORSHIP Result 1.1c features the outcomes of 11 expert interviews summarized in 19 key findings around emerging trends in the education and training ecosystem and the current offer, potentials, and barriers in the sphere of micro-credentials.

Description: This short article summarizes the benefits, risks and challenges of corporate-startup collaboration. Urbaniec, M., Sady, M. & Zur, A. (2019). Benefits, Risks and Challenges of Corporate-startup collaboration. Corship project.

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CORSHIP – Corporate EDUpreneurship
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CORSHIP is a diverse Knowledge Alliance between university, corporate and startup worlds.

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