Research Insights to Corporate Entrepreneurship Education

Check out the latest Corship Research Insight – this time summarizing the outcomes from desk research and 10 expert interviews around the current offer of corporate entrepreneurship education. The 5 key findings of the report suggest that educational offers dedicated specifically to corporate entrepreneurship are scarce and scattered; the majority of the courses offered are related to general entrepreneurship in combination with innovation and various aspects of management and business issues; there are only a few courses dedicated specifically to…

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Insights on Corporate Entrepreneurship Approaches in Europe available

Read our research insights on Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE) approaches. Based on 12 expert interviews and literature research, the report presents following key findings: Corporate-Startup collaboration in Europe is considered an important way to innovate There are various goals for collaboration Corporates: from corporate image building to talent acquisition, and from renewing corporate culture to taking advantage of the newest technologies when entering new markets Startups: from access to resources to new market opportunities to gaining credibility Collaboration partners should have…

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CORSHIP – Corporate EDUpreneurship
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CORSHIP is a diverse Knowledge Alliance between university, corporate and startup worlds.

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